In April, 2010, legendary Italian duo D'arcangelo (Rephlex) created a custom Reaktor sample map and presets for Twisted Tools along with presets for Vortex 1.1. We've now made these samples available in the .wav format for anyone to enjoy whether or not you own Reaktor or Vortex! Click the big download button to login/register and download this freebie.

  • Reaktor and .wav format
  • Royalty free

The download package includes all the raw '.wav' files and therefor can be used with any sampler or software capable of playing .wavs. However, in order to use the Reaktor map, you will need Native Instruments Reaktor.

All works licensed under the Creative Commons ‘Sampling-Plus 1.0 (Share Alike)’



None Available. Why not make one and submit it to us via our community video page?


Audio Demo 01/Darcangelo-Vortex Samples and Presets
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Made something using Darcangelo? Leave us something using our dropbox in our community area and vote for the best submission in our forums.

Winner takes home a Twisted Tools T-shirt of their choice.

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