S-LAYER 1.1 UPDATE – New Features Added

On July 30, 2012, in News, by Josh


S-LAYER UPDATED TO VERSION 1.1S-LAYER is a sound creation tool for Native Instruments Reaktor 5. It allows you to create, tweak and play new sound combinations by taking samples and layering them together using an eight part sampler and an intuitive cell layout.The new update offers many new features, including improvements to the overall sound quality, making S-LAYER even better! S-LAYER Version 1.1 is availble now at https://twistedtools.com for $69NEW IN VERSION 1.1

  • Improved Sound Quality
  • Delay Cell
  • Phase Invert Mini-Cell
  • Mono Mode Mini-Cell
  • Pitchbend
  • Output Limiter/Clipper
  • New and improved mouse behavior for cell sliders
  • Soloed Layer Highlighter
  • MIDI capable GUI display switching (optional)
  • Safe Scene Switching mode
  • Various minor improvements

“One of the most unique tools for creating multi-layer sound effects!”

Richard Devine (Schematic Records/Warp)


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