Loopy C's "My Life In The Buffer of Ghosts"

On September 17, 2010, in News, by Josh

After an 18 hour session with Buffeater, 2C Audio’s ‘Aether’ and Native Instruments ‘Kore 2’, Twisted Tools customer, sound designer and musician Chris R. Gibson (aka Loopy C) came up with a series of wonderful loops he calls “My Life In The Buffer of Ghosts” . Twisted Tools is hosting the files which are free to use per Creative Commons Non-Commercial License and the downloads are 320kbps mp3.

Design brief: Each track consists of one drum machine playing a single 8 bar loop (Sonic Charge’s Microtonic) with ALL variations created by effects alone, described below.

Loopy C’s Buffeater Signal Flow:

Twisted Tool’s ‘Buffeater’ > 2C Audio’s ‘Aether’. About half the tracks have additional ‘color’ provided by Kore Soundpack ‘Deep Freq’ running as a ‘ghost track (i.e. in parallel) with original signal alongside and separate from ‘Buffeater/Aether’ output bus.

The triggering of ‘Buffeater’s’ effects was accomplished through 6 tracks of ‘phasing loops’ for an ordered but constantly changing relationship between effects routing and timing. No other additional parts apart from above were dubbed in, just a drum machine and some creative effects jamming away ala ‘virtual laminal systems theory’

All tracks are free for anyone to use per Creative Commons Non-Commercial License (you may copy, distribute, display, and perform with this work — and derivative works based upon it — but for non-commercial purposes only)
Visit Loopy C’s Website at:

Buffeater can be found at:


2C Audio’s ‘Aether’ can be found at:

Sonic Charge’s Microtonic can be found at:

Native Instruments Kore can be found at:

*Please note that neither Loopy C or Twisted Tools are affiliated with any of the companies mentioned above and that all content is property of Loopy C, under the creative commons non-commercial license.

The set “My Life In The Buffer of Ghosts – By Loopy C” by twistedtools is licensed under a Creative Commons License.
Be aware that the related tracks might have a different license.


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