The EVAC expansion pack uses many sound sources, sequencing methods, and processing types to give users a broad sonic palette and a new spin on breakbeats. From distorted 808’s & granular synthesis, to blow torches & time-corrected finches squeaking in a bird cage: It’s all there! EVAC chose to work in 128bpm so that he could showcase a variety of uptempo breaks as well as exploit the loops for their half-time value at 64bpm. The expansion features 128 hand-crafted ULTRALOOP snapshots to instantly get you started generating new grooves, variations and song ideas. With the ULTRALOOP expansion bank, 128 loops become hundreds more in no-time.

  • 128 Loops drums, percussion and fx loops by EVAC
  • 128BPM
  • 24bit/44.1khz .WAV Files
  • Works with any Mac, PC or tablet device that supports .WAV files
  • ~400MB
  • Optional ULTRALOOP EXPANSION snapshots with 128 presets for ULTRALOOP

  • Mac, PC or tablet computer capable of reading .WAV files.
  • Approx. ~400mb of available RAM
  • ~313mb of drive space
  • Internet connection for download
  • (OPTIONAL) Twisted Tools ULTRALOOP
    (Reaktor Player is NOT supported)
  • (OPTIONAL) Mac or PC running the latest full version of Native Instruments Reaktor 5 or 6 if using ULTRALOOP or other Twisted Tools Reaktor products



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