The TOTALLY TWISTED bundle is a collection of every current product made by Twisted Tools. Gain access to gigabytes of unique instruments, effects, sample packs and many specialized templates for NI’s Maschine, Kore and iPad. The big package also means big savings…
Was $896 Now $448* SAVE 50%

For your convenience, we’ve also included an additional .zip containing all our freebies instruments and sample packs.

*Please note that Totally Twisted is not a membership and the discount is a one-time discount and will not be applied to future purchases.

Totally Twisted Features:

  • Approx. 15GB of disc space
  • At least 600MB of RAM for some of the larger sampler instruments
  • Internet connection for product downloads
  • Any program that can read .WAV/.AIFF files
  • Native Instruments Reaktor 5.8+ for PC or MAC (NOT with Reaktor Player)
  • Native Instruments Kore 2.1.2+ (if using included Kore 2 templates)
  • Native Instruments Maschine 1.8 (if using included Maschine templates)
  • Ableton Live 9+ with ‘Simpler’ (if using Live presets kits)
  • Reason 4+ (if using Reason NNXT kits)
  • Native Instruments Battery 4+ (if using Battery kits)
  • Native Instruments Kontakt 4+ (if using Kontakt kits)

Please visit Native Instruments website for more information.

The total sizes of the downloads included in the bundle is approximately 12GB of zipped, so please allow yourself ample time to download the files if you are on a slow internet connection. Each product has its own download link in order to make it easier to download and get started quickly. On a fast connection, you should be able to download the files in about 90 minutes, while on a slower connection it may take up to several hours. If you have any issues, please feel free to contact us 24/7 for help. Please consider using Firefox and the free download extension, Down Them All, if you are having problems with your downloads timing out. Get it at the Down Them All website.

The terms and conditions of the sale are subject to change. Offer only applies to purchases made by clicking the Totally Twisted cart button or individual items purchased in one order. Discounts will not be applied based on previous purchases. Due to limitations of some payment processors, the price may change by a few cents.







motiongraphics+editing by
demo audio by Richard Devine
sample pack created by Jedsound


motiongraphics+editing by

Rolodecks Tutorials


motiongraphics+editing by

Elements MP16 Tutorial


Scapes in Action


Scapes Tutorials


Richard Devines Analogue Microcosm

motiongraphics+editing by

All sound in this video was made exclusively with sounds from Analogue Microcosm and no additional processing. Demo by Richard Devine.

Elements MP16 Tutorial



Buffeater In Action


Buffeater Tutorials



Colorflex in Action


Colorflex Tutorials



Vortex in Action


Vortex Tutorials



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