Analogue Microcosm was designed by Richard Devine in

conjunction with Twisted Tools. This is Twisted Tools’ ?rst

commercial sample pack and will include a custom Reaktor sampler

along with kits for Battery, EXS24MKII and more. Look for the

release during Christmas week, 2010 at


TT: Tell us a little about yourself and your involvement with

Twisted Tools.


RD: I am a producer and sound designer from Atlanta GA. I

have worked doing sound design and patch programming for

many audio companies over the last 12 years. I love creating

new interesting sounds that hopefully inspire people to make

new music.


I have always liked innovative new tools that inspire new ideas

and sounds. This is what lead me to the Twisted Tools

instruments. I really love their approach and ideology.

I have helped design sounds and presets for many of the

Twisted Tools releases. I have also collaborated with Igor

Shilov on our GrainCube Lemur project earlier this year. It was

great fun working together on this and I look forward to

working on many more projects in the future.


TT: Tell us about the Analogue Microcosm sample pack, what

you set out to do and what people can expect.


RD: I wanted to design a set of sounds that were completely

designed from analogue modular synthesis. All the sounds in

this collection where patched and created from scratch. My

goal was to design a set of sounds that had a unique

character to them. I was inspired by my recent work using my

Doepfer Euro Rack modular system. I have spent the last 5

years building up this rather large system of specific modules.

I had carefully planned and organized over 6 cases of

modules that would become the system I have today. I had

acquired many new interesting modules over the last two

years that really made the system come alive. I spend hours

and hours patching different configurations, and nested

environments. It is almost like working with a live organism

that constantly changes and mutates, never repeating the

same sounds or sequences. I had become really inspired

by this idea of organic regeneration and creation of sound

through electricity. This collection is a result of those

experiments and recordings. I tried to make these sounds very

fluid and expressive. Alien and and organic come to mind. I

wanted to design these sounds without the use of computer

software or plug-ins.


TT: Walk us through some of the sounds and gear used.


RD: There was so much stuff I had to downsize a lot of the

sounds I recorded. Some of my favorites in this collection

were the Analogue Sub Bass sounds. I created these with the

Cwejman S1 synthesizer. The S1 is a semi modular analogue

synth which has a very warm powerful sound. I had always

wanted a set of good solid bass tones to rock the sub woofer’s

out there. The Cwejman has the purest and cleanest tones

I have ever heard. Some other favorites I liked were some of the sounds in the

‘FX Long’ categories. I used a wide variety of different

oscillators for this collection. I used the Harvestman Hertz

Donut, and Piston Honda pretty extensively here. For the

Creature Swells, and Crystal Trinkles sounds I used the

Synthesis Technology E350 morphing terrarium, and E340

cloud generator. I love how organic these two oscillators can



For the Delay Elevator and Evate category I used two old

Doepfer BBD modules. The BBD, also called bucket brigade

device module, has been used to delay audio signals before

digital delays. I ran two of these into each other running all

sorts of strange control voltage signals to get really interesting

karplus/strong synthesis type sounds.

For some of the Evate Shimmer sounds I used a Cwejman

VCO2-RM oscillator with the cwejman MMF-1 filter. The

control voltage setup to get these sounds was using one

“Maths” module from Make Noise, and the Cwejman CTG-VC

envelope generator.


I created a good majority of the pure tone sounds from

using the Cyndustries Zeroscillator, Doepfer a-107 multitype

morphing filter, and TipTop-Z-DSP. The tiptop Z-DSP is a open

source digital sound processing module. Its a stereo DSP

processor, with 24-bit sampling, 15khz of bandwidth, voltage

controlled parameters, and has the ability to be programmed

with a powerful assembly language. It was used quite

extensively on lots of the sounds.


Some of the sequencers I used to create some of the unusual

timbres were the MakeNoise Rene sequencer. It’s the worlds

first “cartesian sequencer,” “geometric sequencer,” “planular

sequencer,” “axis sequencer,” and finally, in Buchla-speak,

“non-linear sequential tuned voltage map.”


“René,”, named for the French philosopher & mathematician

René Descartes, uses his cartesian coordinate system

to unlock the analog step sequencer from the shackles of

linearity. I was able to control these modules in very unique

ways, and combinations.


I also recorded complete analogue percussion kits that could

be used with these sounds. I wanted everyone to have a fun

set of sounds to make entire tracks with or just sprinkle in

these sounds as accents to work as sound effects.


TT: Any closing thoughts Richard?


RD: I want to thank anyone who buys this sample pack, and I

hope it inspires everyone to make some cool music with it.



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