ELEMENTS is a collection of massive analogue oneshots, heavily processed foley and designed sounds by legendary circuit bender Ivo Ivanov of Glitchmachines.

Ivo has built custom instruments for some of the biggest names in the business, including Trent Reznor, Derrick Carter, Kero, Otto Von Schirach, Men Without Hats, Richard Devine and Justin Meldal-Johnsen to name a few…

The Elements sample pack comes coupled with sampler presets for most major sample formats as well as 128 royalty free original loops, all of which were made using the oneshot sounds included in the pack. To top it off, the package comes with a new Twisted Tools sampler, MP16b, which works with all versions of *Native Instruments Reaktor 5.

Samplepack Features:

  • 1.12 gigabytes of analogue modular, digital and processed foley sounds in 24bit .WAV format
  • 1126 oneshots and 128 royalty free loops (built using the oneshots included in the pack).
  • 22 grouped kits for a variety of popular *samplers
  • 1254 single mapped instruments for a variety of popular **samplers
  • A brand new loop based version of Twisted Tools’ MP16, called MP16b
  • Kore and Maschine MK1 Templates for MP16b
  • *Grouped Kits: Ableton Simpler, Battery 3, EXS24 MKII, Kontakt, Maschine , Reaktor, Reason NNXT
    **Single Mapped Instruments: Ableton Simpler, EXS24, Kontakt, Reason NNXT

    MP16b Sampler Features:

  • 16 Voice Polyphonic Sampler
  • Pad style layout
  • Unique parameter and modulation settings for per voice
  • Designed for loop playback
  • Filter effect per voice
  • Bit reduction effect per voice
  • Sample rate reduction effect per voice
  • Loop playback quantization
  • Beat repeat effect
  • Two modulation sequencers per voice
  • Modulation routing per voice
  • Kore and Maschine MK1 Templates
  • TouchOSC Template by h3xl3r and Twisted Tools
  • Reaktor Maps for Glitchmachines : Elements
  • MP16b vs MP16a comparison chart

    “There is a sonic landscape waiting inside of everything – as long as it speaks to your creative aesthetic. This library is a testament to that concept.”

    Read the full interview with Ivo Ivanov:
    Interview with Ivo Ivanov of Glitchmachines

  • “One of the most unique sample collections I have ever heard. Awesome work from Ivo Ivanov, one of my favorite circuit benders of all time!”
  • Richard Devine (Schematic/Warp)

  • “Exquisite new collection of gourmet bits & loops – perfect for enriching any sonic surgery session.”
  • Bassnectar (Amorphous Music)

  • “A very intriguing collection of sounds. Some of the collection is very sophisticated and evolving, while other elements are simple and charming. Generally speaking, all of it is exciting, rugged, harsh, and sometimes even painful. Highly recommended.”
  • Justin Meldal-Johnsen aka JMJ (Beck/NIN/Air/Courtney Love…)

  • “A unique palette of audio samples & sound design . This pack truly has something for everyone. An absolute must-buy.”
  • Kero (Detroit Underground Records)

  • “Ivo Ivanov is a master at twisting the sound barrier like a magician…”
  • Otto Von Schirach (Schematic/Beta Bodega)

  • “These samples harmoniously fit into a vast amount of genres. That is a pretty strange effect for such a specific sounding sample pack. Strange is great!”
  • Surachai (PlagueDiagram.com)

  • Approx. 1.27GB of disc space
  • At least 300MB of RAM for some of the larger sampler instruments
  • Internet connection for product download
  • Any program that can read .WAV files
  • Native Instruments Reaktor 5.8 for PC or MAC if using the included MP16b Sampler
  • Native Instruments Kore 2.1.2+ (if using included Kore 2 template)
  • Native Instruments Maschine 1.8.2+ (if using included Maschine MK1 template)
  • Ableton Live 7+ with ‘Simpler’ (if using Live presets kits)
  • Reason 4+ (if using Reason NNXT kits)
  • Native Instruments Battery 3 (if using Battery kits)
  • Native Instruments Kontakt 2.2+ (if using Kontakt kits)

  • Please visit  Native Instruments website for more information.

    The package size for this download approx. 1 GB zipped, so please allow yourself ample time to download the file if you are on a slow internet connection. On a fast connection, you should be able to download the package in about 15-25 minutes, while on a slower connection it may take up to an hour or so. If you have any issues, please feel free to contact us 24/7 for help. Please consider using Firefox and the free download extension, Down Them All, if you are having problems with your downloads timing out. Get it at the Down Them All website.




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